Dog Lodging

Outdoor Space

We have multiple fenced-in play areas that feature natural grass which is beneficial for pets’ paws, and overall orthopedic health.  Additional Activities are carried out in these areas, they are all shaded with gorgeous mature trees and small child-size pools to give pets a place to relax and cool down during the dog days of summer.  We also have a beautiful pond and acres of wooded land for hiking and swimming(all fenced in). Your dog will be able to enjoy these different areas depending on which activities you would like your dog to have while staying at Animal Resorts.

Resting Quarters

Our dog accommodation areas are climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. The air exchange system to provide fresh ventilation.  There are 2 main large backup generators 48kw and 25kw.

Each Kennel consists of personal indoor space and outdoor space separated by a sliding translucent door. The adjoining private outdoor run provides for fresh air, exercise and sun bathing. Primary enclosures size ranges from 2'6"x 7' to 8' x12' and secondary enclosures 3'x6' to 8'x16'.  Enclosures are filled according to pet size and may be switched as deemed necessary. 

What To Bring

We recommend bringing your own food in labeled resealable bags. You may portion out by serving or in quart/gallon size bags. If you do not bring your own, we serve Pedigree Dog Food. DO NOT BRING UNSEALED LARGE BAGS OF FOOD! YOU WILL BE TAKING IT BACK WITH YOU!  Do not bring irreplaceable belongings, bring inexpensive treats and toys. Please label all belongings, we will not be held responsible for lost items. We do not recommend shreddable toys, raw hides or real bones as they can be a choking hazard. We will provide a free blanket or a cot for a fee or you can supply your own, it must be small enough to be machine washable or have a removable cover and labeled. We supply all bowls.


We require the DHLPP, RABIES, & BORDETELLA vaccines to be current.* If not current, these vaccines must be given TWO OR MORE WEEKS prior to your pet's stay at Animal Resorts.
No Exceptions. 


Pennsylvania State Law requires that all dogs have a current license. If your dog's license is not current, you may purchase one at*

*We recommend you email jpeg or pdf files of vaccinations and license prior to arrival. This helps to make check ins quicker and keeps us from finding out we can't take your dog due to a mistake on your way to the airport.

Boarding Rates (per night)


Under 50lbs

Over 50lbs 







Holidays & Summer Weekends




Cancellation Policy - 48 hours notice unless verifiable emergency or a $50 fee will be put on account. More policies below*

Additional Activities and Treats

We offer Additional Activities to keep your dog busy during their stay at Animal Resorts! You can sign your dog up for as many activities as you please the day you drop off.

Descriptions Below!

​** If this is your dog's first stay at Animal Resorts or they will be staying longer than 3 days we​ highly recommend you sign them up for at least one activity to make sure they have a great experience! **

Playtimes $8

Time to play, have a game of fetch, or just belly rubs! One-on-one with an employee in the natural grass play area. Lasts about 15 minutes.

Play Pals $12

Outside in the fresh air group play.  They can play or lay in the sun/shade and relax! Or indoors on poor weather days. 2 hours 

Animal Resorts reserves the right to change any dog from playpals to playtimes if necessary.

Hikes $15​

A hike with an employee on a trail through our property, the dog gets to explore the woods and gets plenty of exercise, about 30 minutes with a tick check afterwards.

Hot meals $5 (per meal)
Boiled beef or chicken, rice, veggies, and healthy herbs on top of dry food. Great for nervous dogs, picky eaters, or dogs that are used to fresh meals.

Happy Snack $5
A kong filled with frozen peanut butter and treats. You may also bring your own ingredients to make your dog's happy snack, such as apples or carrots.

Dog Bed $5 

An elevated bed for your pup to make sure they are completely comfortable. Recommended for seniors.

Pupsicles $1

Chicken/Beef broth frozen ice cube with milk bone or pupperoni stick

Farm Fresh Egg Raw/Hardboiled $1 Poached $2

From our own chickens here on the farm

​TLC Healthy Brush $10

You choose whether you want a 10 minute TLC time or a brush out, the brush out is to reduce much of the fur that covers your home, while being pampered!

Workout $25​​​

​20 minute sessions with a Certified Professional Trainer to work on common problems like leash pulling, jumping, mouthing, etc. Great for Animal Resorts Training graduates to keep them on the right track with little refreshers.​


Pond Swim $30
Play water fetch or just swim and explore! Great for the water dog in your family! About 20 minutes long with an experienced trainer, and for the inexperienced dog swimmer we have life vests!