We require a current dog license and the following vaccines. (Dog licenses can be purchased at padoglicense.com) 
Dogs: DHLPP, RABIES, & BORDETELLA. We require rabies certificates (with serial # & vet signature) 
Cats: FVRPC & RABIES. We strongly recommend the feline leukemia vaccine. 
Any of the above vaccines must either be current or administered a minimum of 14 days prior or earlier to your pet's stay at Animal Resorts. (Similar waiting period is now in effect for Covid Vaccines) No Exceptions. 
 Please be sure to email or upload a copy of all vaccine records prior to boarding.  If we have to obtain your vaccinations there is a $35 service fee and you will be moved to the back of the check in line.
Your pet must be healthy - please do not bring pets that have been coughing, sneezing, throwing up, etc. Please do not bring your pet if they have been around sick animals. You must have an emergency contact on file who can pick up your pet if there is an emergency. Thank you!


*Multi-Pet Discount of 50% on all pets after the first with shared suite.

*Check-out is before 11am. Pick up after 11am incurs a late checkout charge ($35), unless bath/grooming or training is scheduled for departure day.


​*Non-Business hours pickups or drop-offs will be charged a $35 fee AUTOMATICALLY (this cannot be changed) and is by appointment only.

*We are not responsible for personal items such as beds, towels, bowls, toys, food and treats.  Please don't bring expensive/valued items!!

*3-Day minimum charge on all holidays. 2-Day minimum charge during the weekends in the summer.

*We charge $2 and up per dose for administering normal medications (Pill pockets are not cheap).

​*Bath/Groom rates are estimates, we must see the dog to give an actual price. Long hair can cost as much as a full groom or more depending on the condition

​*Never leave your pet off lead or unattended on property.

​*Do not enter buildings or fenced areas please.


​*Tours are welcome by appointment only.

​*All Prices are subject to change without notice even after a reservation is made. A non refundable deposit of $100 will be accepted for reservations to lock in a set price if desired. Please read your email confirmation and your sign in contract for latest pricing and policies.

*Animal Resorts strives to provide a safe, stress-free stay for all of our clients, but does not ensure that pets will be supervised every minute of the day and therefore will not be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses that may occur during a pet's stay. Examples include, but are not limited to: scratches/bites, nicks/cuts, nose rubs, happy tail, kennel cough, diarrhea, hot spots, etc.


I hereby entrust Animal Resorts to care for my dog(s) during their boarding stay and agree to all of the terms listed below.

I agree that my dog is healthy and has not coughed sneezed or aspirated in last 14 days. That my pet has not been around sick animals either

I agree that if my pet does become sick that I have an emergency pickup person to keep my pet for remainder of our stay and or transport to vet to care for remainder of stay.  That I will have extra handling and service charges if incurred.

I agree to pay for medications at $2 and up per dose.

I am aware that my dog(s) will not be supervised at all times while boarding. Should an injury or illness occur I agree not to hold Animal Resorts responsible for any medical bills or damages. 

Possible examples of injuries/illness are nose rub abrasions, broken nails, kennel cough, scratches, nicks, etc. During play pals and daycare there is an additional risk for scratches and bites from other dogs. These examples and others not listed could occur during any event. 

I agree to pay daily board rate plus  prime day (+$10) or peak day (+$15) fees. 

If my dog(s) is to be boarded anytime over the holidays or summer weekends, and I pick up early without notice I agree to pay for ALL DAYS RESERVED.

I agree that I am solely responsible for any damages that my dog(s) may cause.

I agree to authorize Animal Resorts to do whatever they deem necessary for the health and well being of my dog(s) and agree to pay for any expenses relating to same.

I agree that if play pals is not working for my dog(s) that Animal Resorts can switch them to playtimes instead. 

I agree that any belongings I bring may be damaged or lost and I will not be reimbursed.

Holiday Clsoures to The Public

(Boarding Still available, no drop offs or pick ups)


New Years Eve 9am-12pm

New Years Day Closed

Easter Sunday Closed

Independence Day Closed

Thanksgiving Day Closed

Christmas Eve 9am-12pm

Christmas day Closed

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10-11am and 5-6pm

(Non business hours by appointment only and an automatic additional fee)

Daycare Member Extended Hours:

(for daycare reservations only)

Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturdays: Drop off 8-11am & pick up 4-6pm

No Sunday Daycare