Animal Resorts is experienced with daycare as we were the first to officially offer daycare in state of PA in 1996. Try Doggie Daycare and send your pet out for a day of fun and excitement.  Feel confident knowing your pet will receive lots of exercise, loving care, and make some new friends too. No more worrying what your pet is getting into while you're at work! You can be sure your pup will be tuckered out after doggie daycare with up to seven hours of outside group play (or inside in inclement weather)!  Our daycare fields are equipped with toys and agility equipment for your pet's fun and enjoyment. Treats and individual kennels provided for break time.

Additional activities also available for Daycare Dogs: Hike, Pond Swim, Happy Snack, & TLC/Healthy Brush (Play Pals is included). 

  • Single Full Day of Daycare: $30 during normal business hours (9am-5pm).

  • Ticket Pricing below

  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered after 8 months & at least 4 months old.

  • Dogs that are toy or food possessive will not be admitted for daycare.

Ticket Member Extended hours:

   Mon - Fri: 7am-7pm

   Saturday: 8-11 drop offs & 4-6 pickups 

  • $145 Monthly 5 Day Ticket

  • $275 Monthly 10 Day Ticket

  • $420 Yearly 14 Day Ticket

  • $500 Monthly Unlimited Ticket

  • $5000 Yearly Unlimited Ticket

Tickets Include Guaranteed Bookings, Weekend Daycare.  Boarding and Grooming is additional. Tickets expire Calendar month or Year.

To schedule your pet's daycare test day click below!


Test days need to be at least 3 hours long and you will leave your pup with us. If it is not working out, we will call you and you can either pick them up right away or we will separate them and do individual playtimes with them.

We will test them with a person (can we pet them, do they know their name and listen to it), with a single friendly dog, and then with the rest of the group. If they pass all 3, they can then be a daycare dog with Animal Resorts!

We require a current dog license and the following vaccines;
Any of the above vaccines must either be current or administered a minimum of 14 days prior or earlier to your pet's stay at Animal Resorts. No Exceptions. PA state law also requires us to keep a current rabies certificate(vet signature) on file for all dogs in our care, please be sure to email a copy to us prior to boarding. Thank you!