Cat Lodging

Resting Quarters

This area of our resort is secluded in one of our more quiet buildings where no dogs are boarded.  It has extra sound proofing and is behind two consecutive entry doors to ensure comfort and security. This building is heated, has central air conditioning and is under 24 hour surveillance through our ADT security system. Our Cat Room includes a spacious, sunlit common area with a glass sliding door that heads out to a completely screened in patio, as well as a large cat tower as well as secluded cubbies and hiding places throughout the room. Cats are alternated from their stainless steel kennels to have free range of the cat room, with no additional charge. And, to keep things interesting for your cat, we have some fun activities available.


We require the FVPC, RABIES, & FELINE LEUKEMIA vaccines to be current.

If not current, these vaccines must be given TWO OR MORE WEEKS prior to your cat's stay at Animal Resorts.

No Exceptions.


We serve Purina Dry Cat Food or you can bring your own dry food in labeled ziploc bags or canned food. Bring inexpensive treats and toys. Do not bring irreplaceable belongings, we will not be held responsible for lost items.  Please label all belongings. Bring your cat carrier which will be left open in the room so your cat can feel secure. You can also bring washable bedding if you please. We supply the litter, litter boxes and bowls.


Daily: Sun - Thurs - $20

Prime: Fri & Sat - $25

Peak: Holidays - $30

Activities Available


Individual play sessions for cats who like to steal the show! One-on-one sessions with an employee, approximately 15-20 minutes - playing, petting, cuddling, you name it!  Our staff will make sure your cat loves their stay!  ​
$8 per session.​

TLC/Healthy Brush:

Some extra 'hands on' attention. Petting and light brushing is relaxing and beneficial to your pet's skin and coat. This is great way to keep up with regular brushing at home, although this is not a grooming session. Any serious matting will need to be taken care of with a full grooming session.
$10 per session​


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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


10am - 11am & 5pm-6pm

Daycare Member Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7am-7pm

Saturdays: 8-11 & 4-6

Area of Service

Chester County and Surrounding Areas

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