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Here at Animal Resorts we strive to give the best care possible  to our furry friends and having great employees is the first step. We need responsible, patient, and caring employees who have experience with dogs and cats. While working with animals all day is fun and rewarding, there is hard work involved! You must be able to do physical labor, such as taking dogs on long hikes or handling those strong-willed dogs! You must also be able to work weekends and holidays. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Animal Resorts family fill out the application below and fax, email, or drop it off to us. If you don't hear from us within 72 hours, give us a call! Notice: We may not be hiring for all positions listed, we will offer another position, if possible, if we do not have any openings for the position you would like.

To apply for position, download the pdf to the right and email the completed application to animalresorts1@gmail.com

Please read position description before applying.

Assistant Dog Trainer

Animal Care Associate

This job entails a little bit of everything! Patience, a good work ethic, people skills, and a love of animals are a must for this position! We also require that you have experience working with dogs and cats and their general care.

Responsibilities include:

  • Feeding, Watering, and Medicating the Pets

  • Cleaning (Kennels and Other Areas Such as the Office, Bathing Room, etc.)

  • Fulfilling requested activities for the dogs and cats

  • Checking Clients In and Out

  • Bathing & Brushing Dogs

  • Office Duties Such as Answering Calls & Emails

  • Poop Scooping Duties

Professional Groomer

This job entails bathing and grooming dogs of all sizes and breeds. You must know how to do each breed standard cut and other cuts, such as puppy cuts. You must be patient, love animals, and have good people skills. A certificate or letter from the professional groomer you studied under is highly recommended as well.

Responsibilities include:

  • Bathing Dogs, Clipping Nails, & Teeth Brushing

  • Trimming and Shaving All Breeds

  • Caring for the Grooming Dogs While at Animal Resorts

  • Checking the Grooming Dogs In and Out

  • Cleaning the Bathing Room and Drying Room

This job entails training owners and pets to assist in the well being of the family. We offer everything from puppy development up to rehabilitation of aggressive dogs and would like to include more disability assistance dogs. We are looking for a balanced trainer. Our trainers went through National K9's program so if you've gone there, that is a huge plus. We are also incorporating TBTE into our training, so if you have knowledge in that area, that is also highly preferred. We are open to hiring an untrained employee and training them, but you must be the right fit and will start with kennel work. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Doing evaluations for potential clients

  • Training owners and dogs through Board and Train and lessons

  • Doing Private and Group Lessons

  • Taking care of the training dogs while they are here (feeding/cleaning up after/bathing and nail trimming before they go home, etc.)

  • Checking clients in and out as needed

Daycare Associate

If you love playing with dogs all day, this is the job for you! You must be able to handle big, strong dogs and stay on your feet for up to 6 hours at a time. This job requires patience and the ability to tire dogs out without tiring yourself out!

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring dogs in Play Pals to make sure they are safe and having fun

  • Ensuring that water buckets are full of fresh water

  • Poop Scooping Duties 

  • Other Duties Such as Activities or Checking Clients In & Out on an As Needed Basis


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Mon - Fri: 7am-7pm

Saturdays: 8-11 & 4-6

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Chester County and Surrounding Areas

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